Composite Bonding

Lie down with one smile, sit up with another
Composite Bonding offers a same day, painless transformation

Composite is a material used in dentistry which is almost identical to natural tooth in appearance. As such it can be applied onto existing teeth to repair and reshape teeth.

One of it's most well-known uses is in the cosmetic treatment 'composite bonding' which is the name given to the application of a layer of the composite on the front surface of the tooth to alter it's appearance.

We offer two types of composite bonding;

  • Full Composite Bonding

  • Composite Edge Bonding


Full Composite Bonding

This involves applying composite over the entire tooth surface and can be used in the following situations:

  • Re-shape existing teeth

  • Close gaps

  • Mask minor misalignments of teeth

  • Mask areas of discolouration on teeth

  • Recolour the entire tooth

  • Transform your smile

  • Lengthen teeth (in certain situations)

Composite bonding at Vitruvian Dental Studio is £300/tooth, this also includes a year long guarantee.


Composite Edge Bonding

Composite edge bonding involves applying composite to the edges of the teeth. This can improve the appearance of a smile by changing the levels of the teeth in relation to each other where the teeth are already in the correct position.

It is commonly used in the following situations:

  • Level the edges of teeth which are already aligned

  • Following invisalign to add the finishing touches to perfect the smile

Composite edge bonding at Vitruvian Dental Studio is £180/tooth, this includes a year long guarantee.


Why Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a great treatment for the right case, most cases involve:

  • Same day smile makeover

  • No injections

  • No removal of natural tooth

Just lie back and relax, watch some TV on the ceiling and let our cosmetic dentists work their magic.


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