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What are Composite Bonding and Porcelain Veneers

Composite bonding involves the placement of small amounts of white filling material onto your natural teeth to change their shape and shade.


This usually requires no removal of natural tooth tissue, no injections and is completed in a single visit.








Porcelain Veneers involve slightly buffing down the front surface of your teeth followed by the placement of thin, porcelain sheets over two appointments.


These sheets are tailor made and we work closely with a dental lab to create the perfect shape and shade for each individual tooth to provide your perfect smile.

At your second appointment we will fit the veneers.

Smiling Woman with Curly Hair
Our Award Winning Cosmetic Dentist
Dr Katy Galloway

Dr Katy Galloway has been a passionate artist all her life and brings this flare to her dentistry. 


Having won competitions for her practical dental skills and competed in national competitions she is an upcoming star in the dental world. 

Katy also holds the prestigious title of the Best Young Dentist in the North-East of England 2020

Financial District

We offer a range of 0% interest Finance Plans to help you spread the cost and smile every step of the way 

Frequently asked questions

Will it hurt?

Composite bonding usually involves no preparation of your teeth, just the artistic placement and sculpting of white filling material to change the shape and shade of your teeth. Porcelain veneers also often involve no or minimal preparation. Commonly, anaesthetic is not needed, however in some cases we would offer the choice to be numb throughout so you can relax throughout the treatment.

How will I know what my smile will look like?

With any smile transformation we always like to show you as best we can what your finished result will look like. We work closely with our dental laboratory and will have a detailed consultation with you to assess your wants and needs for the shape and shade of your next teeth. Often involving pictures. We will also construct a hand-held version of your smile on a mould of your teeth so you can see exactly what your smile will look like!

What are the advantages of composite bonding?

- Natural coloured and contoured smile with a wide range of bright white shades - Most transformations are completed in a single visit - No need for any injections - Reversible in most cases - Any alterations or damage down the line are easy to do and fix

What are advantages of porcelain veneers?

- Durable so unlikely to chip or damage - Aesthetic result with a wide range of shapes and shades - Ability to see your smile before it's done on models of your teeth and make any adjustments at this stage

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