Don't let missing teeth affect your day-to-day
Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons

Sometimes through trauma, infection or decay.


We often don't realise how much we rely on each tooth until it's gone. 

At Vitruvian Dental Studio we offer a variety of options to replace missing teeth with fixed and removable options.


Lifelike dentures can be life changing

There is a massive difference in the quality and design of dentures and you do get what you pay for. 

A well made and designed denture can last decades.

A loose, poorly fitting denture can be worse than no denture at all with you constantly worrying if it will come out when eating or talking.

At Vitruvian Dental Studio we offer a range of different designs replacing any number of teeth and all are meticulously designed to ensure they fit your mouth as best as possible to ensure you have the confidence to eat, socialise and smile.


Smiling Woman
We love to make our patients smile

This lovely patient came to us wanting a new set of dentures, please forgive his lip as he is still slightly numb!

Due to his strong bite the upper denture was carefully created with a metal plate in-built in it to provide extra strength and ensure it's long term success.


He was over the moon with his results and wanted to jump on the next plane to Hollywood.


Our denture expert will ensure your denture is the best it can be

Josh Simpson 


GDC Reg. 217739


Josh is a clinical dental technician who has spent years training and learning different techniques to ensure the dentures he provides are the best possible. Qualifying from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

He has an incredibly calming demeanour and a gentle approach every step of the way.

Josh will design your denture every step of the way, he will see you in surgery and also make the denture behind the scenes.


This ensures there is no miscommunication that can happen between a dentist using a lab to make the denture. He knows exactly what you're wanting and can ensure each denture is exactly as it should be.


0% Finance to get you smiling sooner

We offer 0% finance with a quick and easy 2 minute application to get you smiling sooner with no extra cost.


Book you free denture consultation

If you have no teeth on top, bottom or both arches then you can book directly in to see our denture expert for a free "Denture Consultation" to discuss and plan the best option for you, moving forward without the need to see a dentist first

If you have any teeth and are wanting a denture to fill the remaining gaps then you will need a dental check-up to ensure the teeth are healthy to support the denture before we begin the process to make it. This can be done after the consultation with the denture expert where you can get an indication of the denture options and how we can help you.

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