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Vitruvian Dental Studio


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Join the 1000's of happy patients who have
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Top 1% of Invisalign providers in Europe, Middle East, Africa


Free Consultations, 3d Scans and assessments


Specialist orthodontist and expert Invisalign dentists to treat you


Straighten crowded teeth, close spaces, correct bite issues, widen your smile


0% and 5 year flexible payment options available with Invisalign available from £1999


With half price whitening and discounted composite bonding for all of our Invisalign patients


Book Your Free Consultation Online

Book your free consultation online 24/7 via our online booking system.

Simply click the link below, select 'Invisalign Consultation with Dentist' and find a time that works for you.

Some of our Invisalign cases

Invisalign and composite edge bonding

Invisalign and composite edge bonding

Invisalign and composite edge bonding

Invisalign and whitening

Invisalign and composite edge bonding

Invisalign and composite bonding

What is Invisalign

You might be conscious your teeth are crooked when you smile, find it difficult to clean between crowded teeth, feel like your teeth stick out or have spaces between your teeth.

Invisalign is an incredibly popular way to straighten and align the teeth to solve any of these or any other problem caused by the position of your teeth.

It involves a series of clear aligners each gradually pushing the teeth in to a perfectly aligned position. 

The aligners are completely removable which means you can easily remove them to eat, brush your teeth or even for an important event so there is no disruption to your life

With no need for metal wires or brackets they are almost completely invisible.


The Process

To start your journey we offer free consultations with both our experienced Invisalign dentists or expert treatment co-ordinators.

This lets you meet the team, visit the practice and allows us to examine your teeth. We can then advise if you are suitable for Invisalign, the approximate timescale for treatment and answer any questions you may have about the process

Following this we will book in for a full assessment including x-rays, scans and clinical photographs with which we can plan your case


We will then fit your aligners and you can watch your smile start to straighten every day!

Our expert team are here for help and advice throughout your journey so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Once you have finished your aligners and have your dream smile, we will place a fixed retainer (if necessary) and provide all of our patients with night time retainers for no charge to keep your smile exactly how you like it.



Bringing orthodontics into the 21st century, your new Invisalign smile will be planned digitally with a 3D computer simulation to ensure you will be completely happy with your results before going ahead.

This will tell us how long the process will take and how your smile will look after every aligner.

This can be adjusted, edited and perfected so you are completely happy before proceeding.

Once ordered your aligners take only around 7-10 days to come.

Fixed retainers are placed on the back of the teeth, they are optional but in some cases are strongly recommended. 

What Do Our Invisalign Packages Include

We offer two types of Invisalign so that simple cases are more affordable. We will be able to advise at your free consultation which package would be best suited to you and the price.

Each package includes:


Free initial consultation


Intra-oral digital 3d scan


Dental health check and all x-rays included


Fixed and removable retainers after treatment


Discounted composite bonding and whitening


Flexible Payment Options  Available

Monthly payment options available from 3 months to 5 years, easily available with a quick and easy application.

Please have a watch and listen to the testimonial of one of our lovely patients

Why Invisalign over Aligners in the post?

Over the last few years there has been an increase in direct to consumer aligners where you never see a dentist or orthodontist. The reason being is that teeth straightening is a sought out treatment and corners are being cut to save on cost under the illusion of these corners being an inconvenience to you.

A full orthodontic and dental health assessment before moving teeth is absolutely vital, this includes specialised x-rays and a full clinical and x-ray examination of your teeth, gums, bone and roots.

In not doing this there is a risk of tooth loss, tooth breakage, bite issues causing permanent damage to the jaw joint, worsening gum disease amongst other risks.

After moving teeth they will always try to move back, as such retainers are vital. Some teeth movements require a fixed retainer on the back of the teeth and a removable retainer isn't sufficient.   

We include a full examination and all x-rays for no extra charge we also include whatever retainers needed for your case for no extra charge, including fixed retainers. We will regularly review your progress and the health of your teeth throughout the process. We work these reviews around your personal life and how regularly you would like to come in.

Once straight, teeth will stay straight for life with the correct retention protocol, it's an investment.



Transparent Aligners and Pricing

We offer two Invisalign packages dependent on the amount of tooth movement required. You will be advised which package you will need at your free consultation.

Invisalign Express £1999 single arch -£2399 both arches 
(From £41.63/month)

For mild cases of crowded teeth, spaces between teeth or very mild bite irregularities. 

Invisalign £2750 single arch - £3400 both arches
(From £57.27/month)

For more marked cases of crowded teeth, spaces between teeth or bite irregularities.

Why Vitruvian Dental Studio


Highest ranked Apex Invisalign provider in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in Europe.


5* Rated on Google and Facebook for our service and results with hundreds of reviews


Purpose built cosmetic practice with award winning cosmetic dentists. Transform your smile under one roof. 


Exceptional experience with private waiting rooms, selection of refreshments, TV's to watch during treatment


Incredibly friendly and welcoming team


Specialist Orthodontist Services

For the more complex cases we are here to help

As part of our expert team we have a specialist orthodontist who is capable or treating a wide range of orthodontic conditions.

If your case is very complex you may be suitable for Invisalign or may benefit from alternative orthodontic treatments. We are also able to offer these all under one roof so you can be sure we will be able to help and you will be presented with all of the available treatment options.

smiling mouth with white braces

Some of our Specialist Orthodontic cases

This case involved severe crowding of teeth with multiple teeth out of position creating an unstable bite.

This complex case involved what's called an 'open bite' where the front teeth don't touch when biting together. 

This is a very complex case involving an open bite at the back of the mouth. Only the front teeth were biting at rest.

Contact Us

We offer free consultations with our Invisalign dentists to advise on suitability and answer any questions, there's no catch or deposit.

We just ask that you let us know if you can no longer make your appointment.

How would you like us to contact you regarding your enquiry

Book Your Free Consultation Online

Book your free consultation online 24/7 via our online booking system. 

Simply click the link below, select 'Free Invisalign Consultation' and find a time that works for you

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