Do your wisdom teeth cause you pain?

Have you had a bad experience having a tooth taken out?

Allow our specialist team to restore your confidence and remove your discomfort

Regrettably, Sometimes having a tooth out is the best solution

At Vitruvian Dental Studio our practice ethos is geared around minimally invasive practice and so we try to avoid taking a tooth out unless it is a last resort. 

We will always discuss with you how we can replace the tooth before it comes out.

We can carefully plan your treatment so that you never leave our practice with a gap.

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Are you a dentist looking to refer a patient?

We accept referrals from other dentists for all oral surgery procedures and extractions. 

If you are a dentist looking to refer a patient to us then just get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you and meeting your wonderful patient!

Frequently asked questions

Is it painful?

No You will be completely numb for the procedure, you may feel some gentle pushing.

I'm nervous, can you help me relax?

Of course! You will be welcomed with a smile and an escort to your individual waiting room where you can sit back with a cup of tea and have a play on a games console, listen to your own choice of music or watch your favourite TV program. We have TV's on the ceiling so you can watch your favourite show whilst having treatment. If you would like any further reassurance then please just contact us and we'll happily speak through your concerns.

What can go wrong if I don't have my wisdom teeth removed?

Unfortunately wisdom teeth, if left, often cause more harm than good and can cause a range of problems; - Infection around the gum and tooth itself - Damage to other teeth - Cavities - Cysts

What is a dry socket?

Sometimes after a tooth is taken out things don't heal quite as we'd like them to and need a little bit of help. When a tooth is taken out it leaves a hole where it once was. In most cases a little scab will form and everything will be fine other than some aching for a few days after. If this scab gets dislodged then the bone at the base of the 'socket' becomes irritated and inflamed as it isn't used to being exposed to the mouth and is sensitive (In a similar way to if you pick off a scab on your arm the skin beneath is sensitive). If this happens then we will place a soothing dressing into the socket which promotes healing and relieves pain.

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