Root Canal Fillings

We can save your tooth
Root canal fillings are a great way to save your natural tooth

Sometimes the nerve inside the tooth becomes irritated, inflamed and painful.


This is most commonly due to either decay, tooth breakage or a deep filling/crown/bridge. 

You can also get painful infections and abscesses around the roots of the teeth.

When we see these scenarios we have two options:

  • Remove the tooth

  • Save the tooth with a root canal filling


What is the process?

It is not painful. We will make sure that there is no rush, you will be completely numb or we won't start.

Lie back in our comfortable chairs, put on your choice of film or TV show and relax....

We will carefully remove any decayed or broken tooth and then gently remove the irritated and inflamed nerve that is causing the pain.

Following this a soothing and antibacterial medicine is used to clean the inside of the tooth.

We then place a soft filling in the tooth and build the tooth back up. You may be recommended to get a crown to support the tooth after as teeth can become weaker after root fillings.


You're in Safe Hands

Dr Ieuan Treharne (GDC: 271388) is a distinguished dentist who has a passion for improving patients' smiles using the latest technology and techniques.


He has a calm and methodical approach which makes him especially popular with any dentally anxious patients.


His passion in dentistry lies in providing root canal treatments and he is currently studying toward his MSc in Endodontics (Masters Degree in root canal)


Outside of dentistry he lives at home with his fiancée Nicola, golden retriever 'Nessa' and labrador puppy, 'Bryn' and loves to watch welsh rugby!


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