Smile Packages

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What are our smile packages?

Our smile packages are ideal for those wanting a Vitruvian smile transformation.

After carrying out countless smile transformations we have noticed the treatments that commonly combine together to create the best results.

Using this information we have carefully created these packages to offer discounts on certain treatments when purchased as part of a package.

Currently we offer four packages focussed around the bracketed treatments:

  • Venetian Package (composite bonding)

  • Florence Package (Straightening, whitening and re-contouring)

  • Milan Package (Veneers)

  • Amalfi (Straightening and veneers)


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Our smile packages offer discounts on treatments to transform your smile

Straightening, whitening and contouring


Our Florence package offers a natural and easily maintainable smile transformation.

Invisalign to place the teeth in the correct position, professional whitening to make them shine and 4 teeth composite edge bonding to add the finishing touches.  


  • Smile consultation

  • Hygiene visit

  • Vitruvian professional teeth whitening kit

  • 3d teeth straightening computer simulation

  • Invisalign on top and bottom teeth including 3d simulation of the treatment

  • 4 Teeth composite edge bonding*

  • Protective upper and lower retainers

*Further composite edge bonding can be added for £130 per tooth (usually £180 per tooth)

Florence Cathedral

Florence Package
(At least £520 Saving)
£341.58/month on 0% finance over 12months


Straightening and Veneers

Our Amalfi package is our exclusive and ultimate smile transformation package. Involving straightening, whitening, trial smile and a veneer smile transformation. This places the teeth into the correct position, whitens them and then perfectly reshapes and colours them with veneers.


  • Smile consultation 

  • Hygiene visit 

  • Vitruvian professional teeth whitening kit

  • Invisalign on top and bottom teeth including 3d simulation of the treatment

  • Wax up and try-in smile of up to 10 teeth

  • Veneers on up to 10 teeth*

  • Protective upper and lower retainers

  • 2 year guarantee on veneer/crown work 

*Further veneers can be added for £520 per tooth (usually £650 per veneer)

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Package
(At least £749 Saving)
£916.67/month on 0% finance over 12 months

Colorful Boat Ride

How The Packages Work

We want our smile transformations to last, as such your teeth and gums must be healthy before we undertake any of the treatment in the package.

The health of your teeth and gums will be assessed at your initial smile consultation at which we will advise if you are suitable for the package you are interested in. If there is some treatment required before you are suitable, you will be advised what is required.

We will carry out the initial smile consultation which must be paid in advance however if you are deemed suitable for the package it will be credited as part of the total cost of the package.


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