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Smile Packages

See our custom smile packages 

What are our current smile packages?

As a leading cosmetic dental practice in Leeds we offer smile packages which are ideal for those wanting a Vitruvian smile transformation. 

After carrying out countless smile transformations we have noticed the treatments that commonly combine together to create the best results.

Using this information we have carefully created these packages to offer discounts on certain treatments when purchased as part of a package.

Currently we offer one smile package focussed around the bracketed treatments:​

  • Florence Package (Straightening, whitening and re-contouring)


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Our smile packages offer discounts on treatments to transform your smile

Straightening, whitening and contouring

Our Florence package offers a natural and easily maintainable smile transformation.

Invisalign to place the teeth in the correct position, professional whitening to make them shine and composite edge bonding to for the perfect finishing touches.

The Florence package offers discounts on certain treatments after Invisalign:

  • Half Price Whitening after Invisalign

  • Composite edge bonding for £195/tooth  (usually £245)

  • Composite full bonding for £250/tooth (usually £300)


Florence Cathedral

Florence Package

Invisalign Package
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