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Safely whiten your teeth with no damaging effects

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Teeth whitening is one of the most transformational treatments for your smile whilst also being one of the cheapest

Tailor made, long lasting reusable bleaching trays.


Great value refill syringes.

How does it work

Teeth pick up staining and discolouration over time resulting in staining both on the outside of the tooth and inside. Professional teeth whitening will remove both of these types of discolouration.

The active ingredient (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide) is delivered onto your teeth as a gel and held against your teeth by the soft plastic trays.

The active ingredient coats the outside of your teeth and also enters into the same microscopic cracks on your tooth surface the intrinsic stains lie in. It reacts with the discoloured particles, breaking them down.

" I'm so happy with my results and could not have been done by nicer people! Thank-you so much!"
Teeth Whitening, the Foundation of any Great Smile

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a Hollywood smile is bright, white teeth.

Many people worry that they'll end up looking like a certain A4 paper shade white-toothed celebrity of their choosing. Unfortunately to get to that level of whiteness is unnatural and so needs some kind of veneer, composite or porcelain.

Teeth whitening is perfect for those wanting a natural white smile. It will remove stains from both inside and outside your tooth making for a naturally healthy, whiter smile. It is also a gradual process and you are in control of what shade you would like.

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Book your initial consultation where we will check the health of your teeth and gums


We will create your individual whitening trays and ensure you know how to correctly use them


We will take an impression of your teeth


Begin your journey to a brighter, whiter smile

Your Four Stage Process

Frequently asked questions

Is there any risk to my teeth

Professional dentist provided teeth whitening is a heavily researched industry with only treatments which provide no negative effects to your teeth and gums being able to be offered. The extensive research into professionally offered whitening reveal no damage to the teeth is caused by professional whitening. It can cause sensitivity but this is temporary and only as a result of the whitening gel working.

Will my teeth get sensitive?

Short term sensitivity is a potential side effect of the treatment, most people don't get any sensitivity at all. We only provide treatment with whitening gels which contain desensitising ingredients to help prevent and minimise sensitivity.

What about whitening toothpastes?

As mentioned above, teeth have two types of stains; intrinsic (inside the tooth) and extrinsic (staining on the tooth surface) Whitening toothpastes work by being abrasive, so they wear away the staining on the outside of your teeth but they also wear away your enamel. They do nothing for the staining inside your teeth so don't affect the colour of your teeth.

What about over the counter whitening kits?

Teeth whitening is a billion pound industry in the U.K. alone and is one of the most sought after cosmetic dental treatments in the world. This results in many companies wanting to take a portion of this industry. Analysis shows that many of these products have less whitening effects than if you used salt-water or use acids to disolve extrinsic staining but heavily damage your enamel, for more information please click the link below. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41415-019-0011-6

How much does it cost

  • Initial consultation + Vitruvian home whitening treatment £349
  • Refill cartridges £10 each

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