Professional Teeth Whitening

The easiest treatment to give your whole smile a boost
Professional teeth whitening to brighten your smile - £349
(£29/month on our 0% finance over 12 months)

At Vitruvian Dental Studio we use our own branded whitening gel as we have found it provides the best results for our patients.

We only offer home whitening as the in chair whitening does not produce the results we would want to be offering. The results are usually much less noticeable and will often wear off  after a few days.

Our personalised home kit allows you to constantly maintain the shade of your teeth.

The Process

  1. Attend your initial consultation to check your teeth and gums are healthy and able to be whitened

  2. We will take records of your teeth to make your personalised whitening trays

  3. We will show you how to use the kit and fit your trays

  4. Whiten your teeth for an hour a day for 2-3 weeks to get them as white as naturally possible

  5. Maintain their whiteness with a single top up on average once every couple of months

Teeth whitening
Our prescription only whitening formula and methods can whiten even the darkest of teeth as shown in one of our cases below.

We design and make almost all of our whitening trays in house to ensure they will provide the best possible results.
If you have a dark tooth we can lighten that

Sometimes teeth can discolour, most commonly due to the tooth dying after trauma or following a root filling.


We can whiten these teeth to get you an even white smile. 


teeth whitening
Book your consultation

Start your whitening journey today by booking your appointment online. 

Book in for a cosmetic smile consultation, during which one of our cosmetic dentists will assess your teeth and gums to ensure that the whitening is suitable, safe to us and will get you the results you are wanting.


Following this we can arrange to take some moulds of your teeth to make the trays and start your journey to a brighter, whiter smile!


The consultation is £65 which is deducted from your whitening when you go ahead.


0% Finance to get you smiling sooner

We offer 0% finance with a quick and easy 2 minute application to get you smiling sooner with no extra cost.

Our whitening is just £349 which works out at just £29/month at 0% over 12 months.


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