Veneers and Crowns

Transform your teeth and smile with beautifully individually hand crafted veneers
What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shell coatings which are bonded onto the front surface of the teeth, primarily used for cosmetic purposes to change the shape, size and colour of teeth. 


What are Crowns?

Dental crowns  are similar to veneers but instead of being bonded onto just the front surface they cover the whole tooth.


What are they made of?

We offer two types of material for veneers and crowns:

  • eMax 

  • Zirconia

Both are the best available materials for veneers and crowns to create beautiful and long lasting results.  

When would you use eMax?

eMax is primarily used to create a perfect, natural looking smile due to the ability to recreate the natural appearance of a perfect tooth. Effects such as slight translucency towards the edges of teeth and subtle shade variation throughout the veneer can be achieved.

When would you use zirconia?

Zirconia is slightly harder wearing than eMax and so is suitable for both front and back regions of the mouth. It is slightly more opaque and creates a brilliant white 'Hollywood' smile beautifully.


When do you use veneers and crowns?
  • Repairing a broken or chipped tooth

  • Change the shape of a tooth 

  • Create the appearance of straight teeth by artistically shaping the veneers/crowns to close spaces or mask overlapped teeth

  • Change the colour of the teeth


What is the process?

The process is quite quick and simple and usually only take a few sessions.

Visit 1 - Planning

We will discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve. Following this we will assess the health of your teeth and gums, taking any necessary x-rays to ensure they are suitable for the treatment.

Visit 2 - The Trial Smile

Once your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for veneers we will create a wax version of your new smile on a hand-held model of your teeth. From this we will also create a version you can try in your mouth. 


You can make any adjustments at this stage to ensure you will be perfectly happy with your final smile.

Visit 3 - The Preparation

Your teeth will be carefully and minimally prepared to allow the veneers to sit perfectly over them. 

Visit 4 - The Fit

Once the veneers have been individually made, we will clean the front of your teeth and bond them to your teeth.


Some veneers and crowns smile transformations

Book a free appointment with our treatment co-ordinator to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about transforming your smile and wondering where to start  then book your free consultation with one our treatment co-ordinators to start your smile journey.

A treatment co-ordinator is an experienced member of the dental team, they aren't a dentist but have extensive knowledge of dental treatments and can explain them and when they are usually indicated in more detail. 

They will be able to advise:

  • The different treatment options available

  • The costings and approximate overall cost you would be looking at

  • Indicate whether you should be suitable for the treatments

  • Explain the treatments in more detail

  • Indicate the next step and the most appropriate dentist to get you booked in with to start your smile journey.

They will also take some photographs of your teeth and records to send to the treating dentist.  

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