Wisdom Teeth and Surgical Extractions

Sometimes teeth are better out than in
Teeth may need to be removed for a number of reasons

Most commonly due to pain caused by infection, decay or being heavily broken down.

Leaving problematic teeth in can be very dangerous in certain situations.

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Wisdom teeth commonly cause painful problems

Wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth.

If there isn't enough space in your mouth they can 'half erupt' which can cause severe pain for a number of reasons:

  • Damage caused to the tooth in front

  • Irritation and infection of the gum over the tooth

  • Decay on the wisdom tooth as it's difficult/impossible to clean

  • Abscess formation

In rare, severe situations infections around your wisdom teeth can lead to:

  • Inability to open your mouth

  • Inability to swallow

  • Sepsis (infection of the blood)

To relieve and prevent complications often it is better to take your wisdom teeth out if they are causing problems.


You have to be careful taking teeth out

There are many risks and considerations that must be accounted for when taking teeth out. 

The risks are often even higher with wisdom teeth.

Care must be taken to preserve and not cause any unnecessary damage to the gums, neighbouring teeth and nerves.

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You're in safe hands

Dr Richard J. Moore




Dr Richard Moore is a specialist oral surgeon who has decades of experience in taking out (and replacing) teeth.

Having trained around the world from Chicago to Canada from world leading institutions he now is one of the most recognised and sought after specialists in the country. He also teaches dentists  at the University and takes referrals from dentists all around the country.

All of this means you can relax and know you couldn't be in better hands!


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