Cosmetic Dental Treatments

"You never need a reason to smile, don't let your teeth be your reason not to"

Composite Bonding




Professional Whitening




Grillz and Gold Teeth


Book a free appointment with our treatment co-ordinator to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about transforming your smile and wondering where to start  then book your free consultation with one our treatment co-ordinators to start your smile journey.

A treatment co-ordinator is an experienced member of the dental team, they aren't a dentist but have extensive knowledge of dental treatments and can explain them and when they are usually indicated in more detail. 

They will be able to advise:

  • The different treatment options available

  • The costings and approximate overall cost you would be looking at

  • Indicate whether you should be suitable for the treatments

  • Explain the treatments in more detail

  • Indicate the next step and the most appropriate dentist to get you booked in with to start your smile journey.

They will also take some photographs of your teeth and records to send to the treating dentist.  

Click the button below to book your appointment online. Book in for 'Free Smile Makeover Appointment with Treatment Co-ordinator'

See you soon!


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