Dental Implants

Replacing A Tooth Can Improve Your Life
Teeth may need to be removed for a number of reasons

Most commonly due to infection, decay or being heavily broken down.

Once removed they can affect your quality of life by impacting how you eat, smile and talk. 


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Don't let a missing tooth impact your day-to-day life

We often don't realise how important our teeth are until they're gone. 

Simple day-to-day actions such as eating or smiling can be dramatically changed making day-to-day life uncomfortable.

Dental implants allow you to fill those missing gaps to let you smile and eat with confidence.


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Dental implants can improve your life

Missing teeth can cause a range of problems:

  • Increased risk of decay

  • Difficulty eating

  • Lack of confidence smiling

  • Difficulty talking

  • Sunken in appearance of the face, cheeks and lips

  • Bone loss

Dental implants can correct all of the above problems. 

Dental implant also have the following benefits over alternative options for replacing teeth:

  • They are permanently in your mouth, you don't need to worry about them coming loose or needing to take them out.

  • They cause no damage to other teeth

  • They are a permanent solution to missing teeth

  • They allow you to eat all of the foods you like to eat without fear


You're in safe hands

Dr Richard J. Moore




Our specialist oral surgeon and implantologist with decades of experience and having trained around the world from Chicago to Canada has resulted in him being one of the most recognised and sought after oral surgeons in the U.K.

When not working in practice Richard teaches at courses around the U.K. to train other dentists how to place implants. He also lectures and leads clinics for the University of Leeds.

With a professional, welcoming demeanour you will know you're in safe hands.


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0% Finance to get you smiling sooner

We offer 0% finance with a quick and easy 2 minute application to get you smiling sooner with no extra cost.


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