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Recommended Oral Health Products

As a dental practice every day we recommend products for a variety of dental questions. Here are links to those which we find we recommend most commonly, we are an amazon affiliate so do get credited a small amount if you purchase a product at no cost to yourselves

General Oral Health

Good oral health is crucial for overall health and wellbeing. Prevention is better than the cure and a good daily oral hygiene routine will prevent teeth and gum problems.

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Oral-B i09


Top of the range electric toothbrush

If you want the best this is what we'd advise. With an adaptive head this makes cleaning all areas of the mouth and under the gums easier. This helps prevent decay and gum disease. Pressure sensor ensures you don't brush too hard which could cause gum recession and damage cosmetic work, taking the polish off and scratching the surface.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.19.07.png

Oral-B Pro 3


Best value for money electric toothbrush

There are a few different brands to consider (philips, colgate) however Oral-B we find are always good quality and reliable. They also offer cheaper good quality toothbrushes and this is our recommendation as it has the much needed pressure sensor.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.21.19.png

Voinee water flosser


Best waterflosser

Water flossing is a quicker, easier alternative to flossing or interdental brushing. It's relatively new technology however we almost always recommend this after composite and veneers as it is gentle, non-abrasive and much easier to fit in your brushing routine. 

For the patients we see who can never stick to flossing this is often the answer.



Invisalign is an amazing way to straighten your teeth. It is vitally important to keep your teeth and aligners clean throughout the process so here are some handy products and links that we recommend.

retainer brite.jpeg

Retainer Brite


Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

Without using a retainer cleaner for your Invisalign it will start to smell and stain towards the end of the aligner wear time. Toothbrushing with soap is good however does not quite get the freshness from using a retainer cleaner. 

Once a day is what we usually recommend whilst you're having a meal.

aligner cleaner.jpeg

Ultrasonic Cleaner


Invisalign Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleaning with a toothbrush is good however you'll probably notice the bristles don't get in to the small crevices of the aligner. Using an ultrasonic cleaner vibrates any debris out and makes the aligners clean. It works well if you use it with a cleaning tablet at the same time.

aligner remover tool.jpg

Aligner Remover


Aligner Removal Tool

If you have acrylic nails or no nails then removing aligners can either risk damaging your nails or be difficult. 

An aligner removal tool is a useful little gadget to protect your nails and pop your aligners out.

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