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Gum Contouring and Crown Lengthening

Perfect your smile or remove recession

Gums often recede over time

Commonly due to excessive toothbrushing with a manual toothbrush or due to gum disease. Once your gums have receded they won't grow back.

Your teeth are divided into two parts:

  1. The crown of the tooth is the visible white aspect of the tooth you see in your mouth when you smile

  2. The root of the tooth is the extension of the tooth below the gum which anchors it in place in your jaw bone.

The root does not have protective enamel on it as it is usually protected by your gums. If your gums recede, this sensitive root is exposed to your mouth and can be quite uncomfortable when exposed to cold or sweet foods. It is also not protected by the hard enamel so decay can quickly set in and progress.

This can cause a range of problems:

  • Sensitivity to cold/sweet due to exposed tooth root

  • Unsightly visible dark tooth root

  • Increased risk of decay 

  • Increased risk of further tooth wear

At Vitruvian Dental Studio as a leading cosmetic dental practice in Leeds we offer soft tissue grafts which allow us to increase the thickness of the existing gum to cover over the exposed tooth root and replace what was lost. Protecting the tooth root and restoring your smile aesthetics.

gum graft to reverse gum recession

Sometimes you might show excess gum when you smile

This is most commonly due to:

  • Genetics - excess gum tissue, short teeth, large jaw or short upper lip

  • Altered tooth eruption - if the adult teeth do not push all the way through

  • Poor dental hygiene causing inflammation of the gum increasing it's size


There are other causes which are less common which we will be able to diagnose.

A gummy smile will not resolve or improve on its own however can be treated. We can recontour your gums by removing the excess gum tissue and improving the appearance of your smile. 

You will be completely numb throughout and should only experience mild discomfort for a few days afterwards.

Gum contouring starts at £150 per tooth dependent on the cause and amount of contouring needing completing.

dental crown lenghtening before and after

Smile now, pay monthly

We offer a variety of interest free and interest bearing monthly payment options. Use our calculator below to calculate your treatment cost.


Vitruvian Dental Studio

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