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Price List

General Dentistry Pricelist

New Patient Consultation

Routine Check up

Emergency Appointment


White Filling


Gold Crown

White Crown



Single Extraction

Surgical Extraction


Scale and Polish

Gum Disease Treatment

Air Polish

Root Canal Therapy




From £150

From £750


From £750 per tooth



From £85

From £127.50

From £127.50


(includes white filling)

Root Canal Prices

Cosmetic Pricelist


Smile Consultation with Dentist*

Invisalign/Smile consultation with Treatment Coordinator


Invisalign Single Arch

Invisalign Dual Arch

Fixed braces

Teeth Whitening

Composite Veneers

Composite Edge Bonding

eMax/Zirconia Veneer

Trial smile

Composite Repair**

From £1999

From £2399

From £2700


£300 per tooth

£245 per tooth

£750 per tooth

£50 per tooth

£100 per tooth

Implants and Surgical Treatment Pricelist

Implant Consultation

Single Tooth Implant (back tooth)

Single Tooth Implant (front aesthetic tooth)

Multiple Tooth Implant

All-on-X Full Arch Screw Retained Dental Bridge

Surgical Extraction

Socket Preservation

Block Bone Graft

Sinus Lift

Soft Tissue Biopsy

Other Surgery





From £3800*

From £12,995*

From £300

From £1200

From £1000


Price Per Case

*Consultation credited towards any of the cosmetic treatments on this list if you go ahead.

** A guarantee is included in the composite of 1 year, after this repairs are charged at £100 per tooth.




*Consultation and x-rays included in this price. Does not include treatment such as bone grafting.


Denture Pricelist

Silver Quality

Full Dentures

Full Upper OR Lower

Partial Denture 1-3 teeth

Partial Denture 4+ Teeth

Gold Quality

Full Dentures

Full Upper OR Lower

Partial Denture 1-3 Teeth

Partial Denture 4+ Teeth

Diamond Quality

Full Dentures

Full Upper OR Lower

Partial Dentures

Flexible Dentures

Silver Quality

Gold Quality


Addition of tooth

Flexible tooth addition


Implant Retained Full Dentures

Single arch

(up to 4 implants)

Dual arch (up to 8 implants)












Individually priced






From £100





Denture Pricelst
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